Point, Click, And See.

Inquest lets you add log statements to python without restarting your python instance. It helps you quickly uncover what is going wrong.

Set It Up In Seconds
import inquest

def main():

Inquest Free During Beta, and Completely Open Source

Just Point And Click

Inquest let's you log extremely simply. Use our dashboard to add new log statements and extract out metrics in the same way you would add break statements in debugging.

No Redeployments

Inquest is able to add new log statements into the code without having to restart the original code. This lets you quickly move about your code adding and removing logs and getting the results in an instant.

Scales Effortlessly

Inquest communicates with all your connected instances at the same time. In secounds you can push new log statements into all your running code and see the results.

No Overhead

Inquest is idle unless there is something to log. You can run this freely across your stack with no noticeable performance costs.